It Was One of Those Days…

It was one of those days. The kind where one thing happens and no sooner have you finished dealing with that, then another crazy mishap occurs, and then yet another. It is like a domino tower that is bumped and away it goes. Does anyone else know what I am talking about?

My oldest son was laid out on the sofa recovering from a violent stomach flu bug that had him dry heaving every 15 minutes for five hours straight. My middle son and I had spent the night before building an artificial Christmas tree we picked up at the small town thrift store. It was vintage 1950’s, an antique for sure, with its rusty color coded branches that fit together in the trunk of the tree like a puzzle. But it stood seven feet tall, and we paid only $5.00. That doesn’t leave much room to complain now does it.

The kids and I had just gotten out of bed. I was exhausted as I had been up all night. The night was hardly bearable, although I was not the one violently ill, it pained me every time my son threw up or had a bout with the explosive diarrhea. Mentally, I was hurting for him and physically I was spent, and the day had just begun, along with a heap of dirty laundry from the night.

I had a warm cup of coffee in hand and was making my way to the sofa for some quiet time, just me and the Lord. At least that was the plan. It was then that I was informed that our newly built tree and skirt beneath it were oddly wet. It was at that precise moment, I knew. “Oh no…” Our recently adopted five-year old Lab Great Dane mix, arrived with a complete wardrobe and a large yellow rain coat. How he hated to go outside to do his business and get his paws wet. What a great Master and Mama he must have thought I was to bring this piece of forest into the house especially for him to have. With a sigh, I set the coffee down. And so it began. replacement dogThe first domino of the day had fallen.

We spent the next hour dismantling the branches of the tree, taking them outside and spraying them off. The tree skirt was now soaking in the sink filled with warm soapy water. We had put the tree back together even though the limbs were not fully dried. A large towel now beneath the tree soaked up the dew on the freshly cleaned branches. The final touch on this project was a good dowsing of Bitter Apple, the deterrent, I was told, for my big dog. This odor was supposed to keep him from marking his territory.

No sooner had I finished walking away from our drying Christmas tree, my daughter, who is a special needs child of nine years old, had a potty accident. So, it was off with the soiled clothes and into the bathtub she went! She hadn’t been in there but a few minutes when she decided to pour cups of water all over the floor while my head was turned but for a brief moment. I quickly mopped up and added the wet towels to the growing heap of laundry that was quickly taking over the floor in the laundry room.

After getting her out of the tub and redressed, I went to finish washing the Christmas tree skirt that was soaking in the laundry room sink. One son was laid out on the sofa but thankfully the other was by my side. He had been with me all morning and I was so grateful for his help and company. As I pulled the plug in the sink where the tree skirt had been soaking, he gasped, “Mom! Look at all the water on the floor!” As I looked down around my feet, sure enough, water was everywhere. “No way, this could not be happening!” I opened up the cupboard doors below the sink and noticed that the pipes were disconnected, so all the water that had been draining out of the sink was flowing freely. Beneath the disconnected pipes were two empty plastic boxes and then under that was a cardboard file box with all my middle child’s artwork. I carefully lifted out the box full of water. The water had already spilled out, and was now pooling on top of the cardboard lid. As I slowly lifted the box lid, the water trickled throughout the box of childhood memoirs. As I looked closer, I could see the papers were already saturated in water. “Oh no…”

I was disappointed and concerned about my son’s reaction to his artwork, since babyhood, being soaked. But he was okay and we both went to work pulling apart each page and laying it out to dry. We hung it throughout the house, wherever there was a spot to lay it flat on the floor or drape it over something. christmas treeWe even hung it on the Christmas tree that was awaiting its decorations. I had to laugh when I stood back and took in a visual of our house and the Christmas tree now fully decorated in wet artwork! It was laugh or cry, and laughing felt a whole lot better!

What a day it had been. By 2pm things finally began to settle down. My oldest was asleep on the sofa and was now able to hold down liquids. My daughter was quietly watching a movie. The laundry room floor was dry and clean. The Christmas tree was reassembled and beautifully sporting the now almost dry art work. My son, my right hand man that morning, was off tinkering in the basement with a project.  It was then that I so just wanted to break down and cry. The desire to call someone and tell them how horrible the day had been, just one thing after another, non-stop, was strong. But, I didn’t.

Instead, I slipped out my backdoor and sat on the steps in the warm sunshine. Leaning against the side of the old farmhouse, I closed my eyes and felt the warmth of the winter sun penetrate into the depths of my soul. It was like the Father was just warming me from the inside out. I took a sigh of relief and began to relax. Whew…  I asked the Lord to give me strength as I felt mine was completely used up. All my resources had been thoroughly tapped.

During my 20 minutes in the warm sunshine with my Savior, my strength and hope was renewed. websitephoto I was glad I had not called and cried on anyone’s shoulder. Instead, I crawled into the lap of my Savior who knew exactly what I had been through without me having to say a single word.  He was my Comfort. He renewed my soul. He gave me the strength I needed to keep going that day. Yes, it had been one of those days.

I will never forget my son who stayed right by my side through every ordeal. He was there with his smile, his help, and never complaining, even when his artwork was soaked! We even managed to laugh here and there, throughout each crazy thing that happened. It was just so unbelievable that these things were happening. I think we were both in continual shock! It was just like… “No way, this can not be happening. This is craziness!”And, I will never forget the artwork that covered my entire house. Every table, countertop, and available floor space was carpeted with wet colored papers. What a sight it was.

But most importantly, I will never forget how God was there for me. Through it all, He was there helping and strengthening me, and giving me the ability to cope and not break down. And when it was over, He was there to soothe and renew my soul. He understood fully and unconditionally. He was my Hope and Strength to continue. I am grateful I have a God who loves me always, even when my life is seemingly out of control and I am insufficient and powerless, a victim to the situation.

God is Great and Mighty is He. His grace is sufficient for me. Thank you, Lord, for your love, grace, mercy, and unconditional love. Listen to this music video I’m Worn, by 10th Avenue North. There is a link included just below this article. It is beautiful and inspiring. You will never hear it in the same way again after watching this! Truly Awesome!


Worn- Tenth Avenue North


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