The Dance

circumstancesWe are dancing and it is a perfect dance, as He is captivated by me and loves me more than any other person possibly could. It is intimate and my soul rejoices! My focus is on Him, and my feet follow His lead. I know I am safe in His arms, as I am at peace and trust Him completely as He gently holds me and twirls me, even tossing me effortlessly into the air, catching me in His strong arms. We step in rhythm together as we glide smoothly across the dance floor. Then… someone cuts in.

It is Fear. He is powerful and he grips me tightly. I panic and am paralyzed by him. And in that very instant, Fear has ahold of me. Suddenly, I am being thrown around and around. I am dizzy and my world is spinning as I am being pulled harshly around the dance floor. I am thrown high into the air only to be dropped. He laughs at me and leaves me lying painfully on the hard cold floor. He slinks away. Then his partner steps in.

It is Discouragement. He tells me not to bother getting up. He quietly whispers into my ear how this is all my fault. How I can’t even dance. And, why do I bother? What am I even doing on this dance floor? He tells me to go take a seat along the wall and to just sit and watch. He tells me no one wants to dance with me.

I sit quietly, choosing now to ignore Fear and Discouragement. It is then that I feel His Awesome presence and the peace that surpasses all understanding, that only comes from knowing our Lord Jesus. He warmly embraces me, and tells me not to be afraid, as He is going to take care of me. Even though Fear and Discouragement had gotten ahold of me, my loving and compassionate Savior is still here with me. He has been with me all along, as He never leaves me nor forsakes me. As it was I who actually let go of Him the moment I became fearful.

Jesus does not abandon us on the dance floor of life. He does not get embarrassed when we miss a step, or stumble. It is even okay when we get dizzy from the circumstances of life. He doesn’t even mind if we fall flat on our face. He is always there, lovingly and unconditionally to take our hand and help us up. He is forever merciful and forgiving even when we are the ones who turn away.

I am so thankful we have a loving Savior who never gives up on us. He does not hold a grudge. His mercy is unending. He is Faithful always, and His love endures forever. So, when Jesus asks you to dance, accept it. Dance with the Savior. He is waiting for you to accept. And when you say “yes” it will be like no other dance you have ever known. For God is Great and Mighty is He! For more information on accepting Christ as your Savior click here.



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