Like the Movie







My daughter went into the bathroom to put her PJs on. But, when she came out, she was still fully dressed and she had braced herself with her back against the wall. Looking up at me across the kitchen with wide eyes she said, “Like the movie!” and then back into the bathroom she ran!

Peering into the room, I saw that she had actually jumped to higher ground and stood tall as she could on top of the scale. Water was spilling out of the bathroom and pouring into the hall and encroaching upon the kitchen where I was. It was coming from the overflowing toilet, which I later discovered jammed full of toilet paper. The funny thing was, we had just been watching Mr. Poppers Penguins. Remember the bathroom scene when Mr. Popper opens the bathroom door and gets carried away by a tidal wave of water from his overflowing bathtub? Needless to say, I learned where the water shut off valve was that night. And my daughter was so darn cute, I couldn’t even be angry with her! LOL


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