Count the Cost

2016-11-24-1-660x371[1]Paying with cash can be an extremely painful process. I’m telling you right now, sliding that plastic card is a much easier process.

I had been shopping for a sofa sectional for weeks and was just ready to get one. I had told my son, if we can get this sofa delivered today let’s make the purchase. After a little negotiating, it was a go. I signed the receipt of purchase then reached in my purse and pulled out my bundle of cash.

I began counting out my Andrew Jackson’s and stacked them neatly in piles equaling $100.00. When I had finished, the table in front of me was covered in money. Was I hallucinating or was that a complete vacation sitting before my very eyes? And in an instant, it was scooped up and gone.

I made it as far as the parking lot before my heart spilled out. What have I done? I just spent all that money, and for what? It was more than I could take. I popped my car in reverse and whipped it back around to the store front. I marched right back in. Feeling red in the face, I confessed what my heart was screaming. The words tumbled out, “I am sorry. I cannot do this.” And with that statement and moment of honest humility, the situation was corrected.

It was seemingly just as painful, if not more so, for this gentleman to count it all back and return it to me since he had put it all directly into his wallet. He hesitantly checked to make sure bills were not stuck together and even laid out $200.00 less than I had paid him. However, in the end, we got all squared up. I felt ridiculous for the two transactions that had occurred, but left feeling relieved and empowered about correcting a lousy decision.

That transaction had a huge impact on me. It was the first time I packed an envelope of cash into a store to purchase an expensive item. I am convinced that if people had to actually save their cash, carry it to the store, count it out on the counter-top, then watch someone scoop it all up and take it, money might be handled differently. Seeing all that money stacked before my eyes was a huge wake up call.

As the days passed by, the kids and I recounted the story to close family and friends. It was always humbling and a bit embarrassing, especially to hear my son imitate my sad voice and countenance, as I counted that money being laid on the counter in stacks of 100’s. I even felt badly for him, as he was present for the both of these transactions.

Not even a week had gone by when I spontaneously dropped into a local thrift shop. As I walked through the store and rounded a corner, there before me sat a large three piece sectional sofa. In my eyes there were beautiful rays of light shining down from heaven along with halleluiah music ringing through my ears. I could hardly believe what I was seeing. The exact material and color I desired in a sofa along with the number of pieces. I was in such shock and began to ask, Lord is THIS the sofa set You have for us?! The answer was a resounding yes!

Going back into that furniture store with my tail between my legs was not an easy thing to do. But, I am confident it was the right thing to do. In the Lord’s most perfect timing, He provided and blessed us with an amazing deal of a sofa! I left that thrift store in a state of perfect peace of mind. I am thankful to the Lord for His provision. And, as I sit here on my comfy sofa I am thinking about the tropical vacation that is yet to come. Thank You Lord, You give good gifts! “Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows.” James 1:17

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